The Importance of Candidate Experience for a Contingent Workforce


Candidate experience is crucial to any recruiting and hiring process. With unemployment so low, it is more important than ever to ensure that your potential candidates are recognizing both your brand and your company values in a positive way. From the first intake call to the final offer, a candidate experience is the best way to showcase a positive outlook on the overall job opportunity.

Below are key areas that are important for candidate interaction:

Transparency is key to any candidate experience. Whether you are recruiting for a position or going over new hire paperwork, it is important for you to keep the process transparent. It sounds simple, but there have been issues with recruiters not giving a candidate all of the information about a job. Then, when they get hired, they find it is completely different than what they had been told. Full transparency builds trust and makes a candidate want to work with you again and refer other people to work with you as well.

Reputation is a big reason someone has reached out to you, whether they looked you up online or a friend referred them to you. It is crucial in this day and age to project a good online reputation. We live in a world that is driven by social media. You will want a positive online presence in order for people to want to work with you. If you offer a positive experience to a candidate, they are more likely to tell their friends to call you. If a candidate has a bad experience, they will most likely tell their friends not to call you.

Technology is a also a big driver of a candidate’s overall experience. Candidates want an easy and simple process when they are applying or filling out new hire paperwork. If the technology is cumbersome or difficult to understand, they will give up and you may lose a potential rock star of a candidate. Creating a simplified process will allow you to gain more candidates and create an expedited recruiting process.

At Amerit Consulting, we feel that candidate experience is one of the basic pillars of our business. We like to give a candidate that “White Glove” treatment from the recruiting process to the offer letter to the end of the assignment. Our mission is to connect with talent and get to know them and their career goals. We call ourselves the “match makers” for employment services. We want to correctly match your goals and expectations with top companies we work with around the globe. If you are looking for your next career, contact us today.