How to Overcome IT Talent Shortages


The demand of IT talent is on the rise. However, many companies are having challenges finding talent. It has been said that we should see a 13% increase in the demand of IT professionals in the next few years with a projected 667,600 added new jobs.

The biggest challenges companies are experiencing when trying to find the right talent:

Lacking Experience: The biggest concern with finding qualified IT professionals, is not finding the right experience you need. Many candidates do not have the right expertise or skills that are need for the roles. Additionally, there are a rise of recent tech graduates, but many are lacking the experience needed.

High Salary: Due to increase in demand, IT professionals are expecting higher salaries and many small businesses are unable to meet those demands.

Some solutions to help overcome the IT Talent challenges:

 Eliminating some of the requirements:

The biggest thing with companies right now is they are so set on candidates meeting the right skills and experience. Of course, some IT jobs, you need that experience, but you might want to be flexible on some of the requirements. They might have the right work experience but don’t have the education requirements you need. Try and think about the most necessary elements of the job and cut down the requirements from there.

Consider leveraging contract hiring:

Try and focus on what type of projects are needed for IT. A great way to fulfill your needs is hiring IT contacts on a project basis or a short-term assignment.

Creative Recruiting:

Trying utilizing AI technologies and diversify your recruiting. Outsourcing your recruiting can also help you find the right candidates. They can leverage their networks, different recruiting styles and processes to help find the right candidates for you.

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