Amerit Consulting is a Proud Sponsor of Carefusion’s Veteran Internship Program

Business Consulting Event

The first of its kind in the history of Carefusion, after a thorough vetting process, they welcomed 10 veterans to participate in an 8 week program. Markus Achord, Diversity and Inclusion Manager for Carefusion blazed the trail to make this happen. Patterning it after Qualcomm’s successful program, Carefusion realized a great return on their investment as they extended offers to a few of these veterans, and extended the assignment of others beyond the 8 week program.

Amerit Consulting provided the onboarding and payrolling services to this program as well as extended the Amerit Excellence Award to Richard Gilpin for “The Intern who has displayed leadership and the best understanding of networking and personal branding.” Additionally, he received 100.00 gift cards to restaurants in San Diego. Congratulations Richard and to all at Carefusion who made this internship possible.

Amerit’s Eve Nasby spoke for 10 minutes about the obligation of San Diego companies and the obligation of the veterans who have graduated from the Veteran Internship program at Carefusion to spread the word. There are 28,000 veterans who are released into San Diego every year. We need more companies like Carefusion and Qualcomm and Life Technologies to step up and create an opportunity for veterans to integrate more successfully into the civilian workforce by creating an internship program.

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