We believe in the power of people.

We offer a plethora of benefits to our valued employees. Please refer to your employee handbook to see which of the following benefits are applicable to you.


Retire in style. Deposit a percentage of your pre-tax or post-tax salary (up to allowable annual maximum) in one of our wide array of funds.

Group Health Plan

Full time employees may opt into our health plan (medical, dental and vision) and gain the benefit of group insurance.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Times can get tough. We want to help. We offer employee assistance for a wide range of personal issues, like marital and family problems, financial struggles, chemical dependence and psychological treatment.

Direct Deposit & Online Pay Stubs

Get paid fast. Choose from direct deposit into your checking or savings account or receive your wages in the form of a Pay Card, which is like a debit card. We also issue your pay stub online, so you get it right away.

Improve Your Commute

Protect the Earth and your bank account. Buy public transportation tickets and/or monthly parking permits through pre-tax payroll deductions.

Referral Bonus

Send a friend our way and we’ll give you a referral bonus of up to $500, based on the number of hours your friend is on assignment.

Entertainment Discounts

Have more fun when you’re not working. We offer discounts at amusement parks, movies, entertainment venues and more.

It’s hard to focus when your furry friend is sick. Buy pet insurance with post-tax dollars and put your mind at ease.