Productivity and How You Can Own It


The ability to produce effective, measurable work can often be a daunting task. With everyday business functions ranging from checking and responding to emails to chatting with Kathy at the watercooler about your recent vacay in Cozumel, it’s easy to become distracted when you have a laundry list of items to complete. Majority of the time, the confusion and frustration of productivity lies in how well you can kick procrastination to the curb and prioritize your tasks at hand.

Why is Productivity so Important?

You may be asking yourself – How does one become productive? The answer, though perhaps obvious, lies in your ability to self-discipline your behavior and agenda. Think about it. If you struggle with being productive or find yourself constantly distracted, what drives you to finish a project and complete it in a timely manner? Is it your boss sending you passive aggressive reminder emails? Are you working off commission and need that big payday? Instead of being a passive employee, the true objective is to be a proactive dynamo.

Instead of thinking of all the negative things that could happen if you don’t complete your work, start thinking of all the positive things that could develop by not only meeting your deadlines but exceeding them. By barely squeaking by on your deadlines and getting away with the bare minimum, you don’t demonstrate to your boss or supervisors that you are capable of handling more and attaining a promotion.

Author Richie Norton states this best. “Opportunities will come and go, but if you do nothing about them, so will you.”

Start every day with a fresh slate.

Prioritize your tasks based on what will benefit your company and direct supervisors first then tackle projects of less importance.

Get organized.

You cannot expect to be on your “A game” if crucial documents are scattered, sticky notes are everywhere or you write vital information down on your hand (or not at all).

Write it down.

By organizing your work life with an agenda, calendar or notebook, you have a go-to reference for all important aspects of your job. Create a daily check list and you will begin to find pleasure in checking each item off as you complete.

Get out of your head.

Stressed by the timeline, a touch of writers block or a lack of inspiration? Take a short break, go for a walk and come back to your work energized and ready to produce efficiently.

Being productive is not always easy but it is always worth it. Finishing a task can not only land you in the good graces of your direct supervisor but it can also provide you with self-satisfaction for a job well done and reduce stress along the way.