The 3 Trends Changing How You Find Talent in 2018


Hiring and finding talent has become very static. With no show candidates at interviews, repetitive skills on resumes and inconsistencies, it can often be challenging to find that one special person for hire. 2018 is all about social evolvement and it’s time to change our recruiting styles and focus on the most important part…. the strategic part.

Unemployment hit a record low in 2017 which caused Recruiters to learn to think outside the box in regard to their recruiting tactics. There are currently three trends we notice that have been changing the recruiting world.

  • Diversity
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Engagement


Diversity is something that makes companies stand out from their competition. Diversity is what everyone should look for when they are hiring a new person. This is a new trend that should be embraced in the workplace and is directly tied to company culture and performance. Changing demographics in a company can lead to diversifying our communities. Diversity is one of the biggest topics and it’s because many organizations are falling short of meeting their goals and public expectations. Many will say it may be hard to find diverse talent but this can be overcome by becoming more connected with the diverse community and local diverse groups. For employers, the biggest difficulty could be that many do not know the difference between cultural diversity and diversity itself.

Artificial Intelligence 

Digital dependence is evolving immensely in our talent pool. The upcoming generations are constantly checking their phones throughout the day whether it be taking or posting photos, researching current trends on social media platforms or snapping selfies. However, they never want to answer a phone call. In the latest SIA article, it surveyed more than half of the professionals and 55% said online messaging is the most common way for a millennial boss to communicate with their direct reports: 28% were email communication, 14% communication in person and 3% communication on the phone.

Does this mean we should rely on text based interviewing platforms that are coming into the market? There are some benefits to a Recruiter using automated technology to interview a candidate such as a faster interview process. This can make the interview process more efficient.

But there are also some inefficiencies such as relying on an algorithm to hire talent in a company. Some would argue that relying on technology to hire talent can’t fully fulfill what talent you are looking for. They might meet the needs of the job qualifications but what about the needs that are not necessarily measured; such as soft skills.


Employee Engagement can be mixed up with satisfaction and happiness of an employee. In today’s market, employees are looking for a little bit more. They are looking for the emotional commitment to an organization. Instead of promotions and advancement, upcoming generations are looking to be inspired by company involvement, goals and their work has true meaning to an organization.

Employee engagement can help with employee morale. The best way to gain more engagement is sitting down with employees and talking about their career paths and professional development. A great way for professional development is giving your employees the ability to gain more knowledge, taking online classes, attending conference seminars or even having management participate in internal training.