Succession Planning: 4 Tips to be Successful

Succession Planning

Succession planning will make sure a business continues to run smoothly when any major changes occur, such as employees resigning, retiring, getting sick or termination. This kind of planning will ensure that certain employees are ready to take on key roles when certain events occur. This practice is usually overlooked by management, but it is something all companies need to consider and will benefit by creating.

Here are 4 steps to ensure you have a successful succession plan.

  • Transparent

Transparency in a workplace is the key to success for a lot of companies. It allows employees to know exactly what to expect. When looking for an employee to take on certain duties of a succession plan, make sure you are considering everyone regardless of their job title. You should look at what skills are necessary to fit each role and specific duties best. Ask for feedback on your thoughts because it is beneficial to get other people’s opinions as they could see something that you did not.

  • Be Proactive

Developing a succession plan can take time and a lot of work from multiple parties. However, don’t put this aside as this is an important aspect of your company. This process will create a safety net for important roles and prepare your company for any unforeseen future events.

  • Training

When you identify the employees you believe will be the perfect match for the succession plan, create a development plan for them. It will be important to the employee to learn everything they can to grow their career and be even more ready to take on new roles. Offer training that will help to develop new skills and redefine old ones.

  • Test it out

It doesn’t hurt to test out an employee within the process to see if they are ready for the opportunity or what you would need to establish to enhance their current skillsets. Give the person more responsibility slowly and see how they do with it. You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it and this goes for succession planning as well. You want to make sure you have full confidence that if anything were to happen they can take on those responsibilities and they are ready and prepared for it.

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