Why Philanthropy is Important in a Workplace


Why Philanthropy is Important in a Workplace

A lot of leading employers are finding ways to be more charitable to drive more employee engagement and productivity. Philanthropy is one of our core values at Amerit Consulting. We believe it is an essential part of a workplace environment.

Below we asked some of our employees why philanthropy is important to them and in a workplace.

“As an organization, we partake in various different Philanthropic events year-round. I’m so lucky to be part of a culture that promotes the welfare of those in and out of our communities. Philanthropy is so dear to my heart because an act of kindness can leave a long-lasting impression in someone’s life. Why do I volunteer and give back to those in need? If I can provide that act of kindness, to change the course of someone’s life for the better; that to me is my ‘Why’.  I’m so fortunate to have been brought up in an environment that promotes compassion, kindness, and humility and I feel that it’s my constitution in this life to share that with others. Let us continue to uplift each other and promote selflessness and kindness because you may never know who can benefit from it.”


Ashleigh Meza, Manager of HR Operations & Compliance

“My parents strongly believed in giving back to our schools, church and community – it was just what we did, a part of who were as a family.  I have carried that sense of purpose and motivation into my adult life.  I will admit however that I am continuously challenged to match the number of hours that I want to volunteer with the amount of time I have available to do so.  I love that fact that Amerit not only provides one paid day per quarter for volunteering but also that that community service is one of our core company values.  We are able to give back while also fueling a sense of teamwork and comradery with co-workers all at the same time!”


Lisa Cvecko, Vice President of Finance

“Philanthropy is a priority to me because it helps me to see the bigger picture and take my focus off of myself.  I also can’t help but love feeling that I’ve made a difference, even when it’s small. I have been so blessed and I love to be able to be a blessing to others.”


Amanda Vonderheid, Jr. Accountant