The Importance of Security in a Workplace

The Importance of Security in a Workplace

With over 2,000 cyber security breaches last year on businesses around the U.S., it is more important than ever to be on top of security in your business.

Breaches are becoming more and more common. A lot of companies were exposed to breaches in 2018 and this will be a continuous threat. Many of these breaches are preventable, but the biggest threat is your employees. Employees are being attacked by phishing emails which are getting more creative than ever. It will be important to continue on-going trainings to help avoid employees from clicking on the wrong links.

Before opening an email, think about these key tricks.

  1. Any email with an attachment or a link in the email should raise a level of caution.  When there is an urgent prompting to open it, this should be flagged.
  2. Ask yourself, am I expecting an internally generated email like the one received?  Have I received emails like this in the past?  Does the content of the email make sense?  If the email doesn’t make sense, even though it looks like it is sent from an internal source, you should be extra cautious.
  3. Does the email signature match company guidelines?  Sometimes bad guys will try and make their emails look like they were sent from a mobile device to minimize suspicion from missing email signatures.  Often times malicious emails will not have email signatures or will have email signatures that don’t match company guidelines.
  4. Check the email address. A lot of times the bad guys will create emails similar to the sender. This is something you should make sure you look out for when you receive a malicious email.

None of the items above by themselves is a guaranteed way to detect malicious emails, but when you get an email that matches more than one of these items you definitely need to be cautious.

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