The Future of AI in a Workplace


The Future of AI in a Workplace

The idea of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a workplace has always been a futuristic thought. However, technology is already a large part of workplaces today and we will continue to see more development in the next few years. The idea of AI has always been exciting for the potential of improvements it can make in business efficiencies, productivity and accuracy. However, the fear of robots replacing humans has always been a common threat.

With the new developments, AI is creating a more positive buzz around workplace environments and we see it becoming very useful for job functions today.

AI has been most helpful and efficient in the hiring process. With new technologies such as Textio, Montage and Stella, it has allowed for a faster and improved recruitment process.

These new technologies have developed the ability to create job descriptions, schedules interviews, and helped to match qualified candidates to open jobs. These efficiencies have allowed the recruiters to focus on more important tasks and provide them with a quicker hiring process.

Not only has it helped the hiring process, but it also has eliminated administrative tasks that seem tedious. There are a lot of tasks we do in a day and AI has developed ways to help us eliminate those tasks. These tasks include scheduling meetings with co-workers and potential clients, recording meeting notes, social media automation, tips on effective communication and more.

With these new advantages, AI is said to create 133 million new roles, with 73 million being replaced by 2022. This means that we will see some roles being replaced due to new technology growing but we will see new jobs created because of it.

Jobs are changing and they will continue to change every day. We as employers need to understand the changes that can occur and how it will impact us. Will AI be our future? By looking at how it has developed in the last few years, I think so.