What to Expect in the Healthcare Industry in 2020


The Healthcare industry has been booming and is one of the fastest growing employment sectors this year. As 2020 is near, look for this industry to continue to grow immensely as the demand for healthcare services rises. Compared to other industries, none come close to this growth. According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the healthcare industry grows by an average of 17,000 jobs a month and with an overall growth of 18%. The biggest growth is in the public health sector.

Why do we see this growth? Many will say that the growth is due to the advances in Medical Sciences and the demand for cures and healthcare services.  Also, with the transformation of technology, we may see new jobs develop and future training may be crucial. One thing is for sure, the need for care will continue to expand the growth of healthcare providers.

The economy is in a good spot and unemployment continues to hit record highs. However, back when the economy was at its absolute worst, the healthcare industry was not affected. This pretty much ensures us that the growth is not just a prediction but essentially a reality.

So, are you interested in healthcare jobs?  CareerBuilder described the top paying healthcare jobs in 2020 per the following:

  1. Physician Assistant

Growth: 17%

Median Salary: $106,000

Education: Master’s Degree


  1. Nurse Practitioners

Growth: 17%

Median Salary: $107,000

Education: Master’s Degree


  1. Occupational Therapists

Growth: 12%

Median Salary: $84,000

Education: Master’s Degree


  1. Speech Language Pathologist

Growth: 10%

Median Salary: $77,000

Education: Master’s Degree


  1. Dental Hygienist

Growth: 10%

Median Salary: $74,000

Education: Associate Degree


  1. Occupational health and safety specialists

Growth: 6%

Median Salary: $72,000

Education: Bachelor’s Degree


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