Recruiting Trends to keep an eye on in 2021

Recruiting Trends

Recruiting Trends to keep an eye on in 2021

2020 has been an incredibly challenging year due to COVID-19, however a recent report stated that the second half of year we have seen improvements and growth in the economy. The end of the year and start of 2021 looks promising.

Here is a breakdown of our 2021 Recruiting Trends to look out for:

Clients, Clients and More Clients.

As 2020 has brought no sort of talent shortage, staffing firms will want to focus a lot on their client relationships. As this has always been a top priority for most, it will be especially important in 2021. You want to be creative and propose new solutions that will benefit them and you.

Candidate Experience

As mentioned above, there is no talent shortage, but the candidate journey can always change, improve and evolve. You will want to ensure your candidate experience is positive and look for ways to improve it. Relationships will be key to your success.

Diversity and inclusion

2020 has brought a lot of awareness to the importance of diversity and inclusion in a workplace. Companies have made statements and incorporating new initiatives to ensure goals are met and focus embracing diversity in the workplace.

Remote Work

Before the pandemic, remote work was always been a big trend and it was said to have tremendous growth in years to come. However, now that companies adopted working from home and see the positive outcomes from it, it is here to stay.

Virtual Interviews

Companies have learned to adapt to using videoconferencing tools as we continue to work from home. This will continue to be used in 2021 as many hiring managers are going to still want to interact face to face.

Skills Assessments

Technology will always evolve each year and it is helpful for hiring managers to be able to test their candidates to ensure what they say they can do is accurate. With the rise of virtual interviews, hiring managers will lean on these skill assessment technology tools to help vet out their candidates.


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