7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Hiring Veterans

Hiring Veterans

7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Hiring Veterans

Military Veterans can be a tremendous asset to your workforce as they can bring valuable skills and experience. Over 250,000 service members transition out of the armed services every year, with this pool of talented job seekers, each are well educated, professional, have strong work ethic and much more. However, many Veterans find it challenging to find work as they transition back to civilian life. As the main reason being the difficulty to transition military experience to civilian experience. That is why having Veteran programs can allow companies to gain access to these skilled workers.

At Amerit Consulting, our President, Ian Wagemann, served in the United States Army as an airborne Infantryman. He had a hard time transitioning into the civilian workforce and has a passion to helping Veterans achieve success. He has made it our mission to help Veterans across the U.S. to help understand and translate them to find civilian work. He has worked with our team of recruiters to obtain Certified Military Recruiter Certifications (CMR) that helps them better understand the military hard and soft skills so that they can be more effective in the job market.

Considering hiring Veterans? Check out these 7 reasons why you should.

Diversity and Inclusion: Veterans have worked with a variety of diverse backgrounds in race, gender, religion and much more.

Teamwork: Many military duties involve working with other, this exposes Veterans to understand how to work well in a group setting.

Leadership: Not only have Veterans been led by strong mentors and understand leadership and respect it but they know how to effectively communicate.

Performance: It is no secret that Veterans have great work ethic, they always want to perform at the top level even under pressure.

Respect: Veterans value accountability and respect leaders and other members.

Honor and Integrity: Veterans are sincere with their work and can be trustworthy.