4 Ways to Keep Employees Engaged During the Holidays

Employees Engaged

The global shift to remote work has presented businesses with challenges, as employees are finding it difficult to communicate with one another. That is why employee engagement will be key to help maintain your employees and create a more productive and profitable business. With the holiday season here, it will be even more important you are rewarding and keeping employees engaged.

So how will you keep them engaged? Check out the top 4 tips to help keep your employees engaged during the holidays.

Personal Development: As the year is slowly ending, this would be a great time to go over next year’s goals. This would be a great time to talk about personal development and what your employees are interested in learning and what kind of training programs would be beneficial to them.

Recognize: If you are not recognizing your employees for their hard work, they will probably feel unmotivated to excel in their job. A lack of recognition tends to lead to disengagement. During the end of the year, companies usually do employee reviews, this would be a great time to recognize all their accomplishments throughout the year and show your appreciation.

Host a Festive Event: With the shift from remote work to some employees going back in office to some going back to remote work again, the holiday season is a great time to plan a fun festive event to celebrate the holidays whether that be remote or in-person. It has been said the over 50% of employees lose focus during the month of December. Hosting a fun event can allow employees to not feel that burn out feeling and disengage for a minute and have fun with coworkers.

Incentives and Awards: The holiday season is the usually the busiest time of the year and especially this year, it has been very hard to find workers and keep workers on. Offering incentives or awards can be a great way to engage with workers. It not only acknowledges employee’s dedication, but it encourages employees to feel more connected.