Military Appreciation Month – 6 Ways to Appreciate the Military

Military Appreciation Month

This month is Military Appreciation Month. May is a great month as we celebrate Military Spouse Appreciation Day, Memorial Day, and Armed Forces Day! The U.S. established this month in 1999 by Senator John McCain. This month is all about showing our appreciation, support, and gratitude to our Military members, past and present for the sacrifice and service they have done for our country.

Here are 6 ways you can show your appreciation this month to our Military:

  • Notes/Cards: There are thousands of men and women that are deployed across the world. Take the time this month to write them a card about how much you appreciate their sacrifice and service.
  • Show your Red, White, and Blue: The best way to show your pride, is to wear the colors, RED, WHITE, AND BLUE! Better yet, hang your flag high all month long to show your pride and appreciation for those who protect us every day!
  • Acts of kindness: If you are out and about and see a military member, buy them a meal, coffee, or drink. This is another great way to show your appreciation. Better yet, you can even just thank them for their service. Saying thank you goes a long way.
  • Social Media: Post on social media your appreciation towards the military and get the word out what this month is all about.
  • Support Military/Veteran-Owned Businesses: Seek out this business in your local communities and show your support by purchasing goods or even promote them on social media to your friends and family!
  • Donate: If you feel that you are able, donating to local military charities are a great way to show your support and appreciation.

As a Veteran-Owned Business, we love to show our support for the military and appreciate everything they do for us every day!