Why Small Businesses Should Hire Veterans

Hire Veterans

Why Small Businesses Should Hire Veterans

Small Businesses across the United States are still making it their top priority to attract and retain talent as many are struggling with their hiring goals. That is why they should hire Veterans as they are very valuable employees, and a lot of companies are not aware of the positive impact they could make on their business.

No matter the industry or business size, there is always certain qualities that employers are looking for in their workforce. These qualities cannot be taught as they are mostly a characteristic of someone. These qualities include having strong work ethic, loyalty, and the ability to work well with others/in a team. These traits are ideal to many companies and can be found in many U.S. military members.

Veterans have always been prime candidates for any industry and many businesses want to support this community as they slowly start to transition back into civilian life. Many have created hiring goals/programs specifically for Veterans to help get them employed, with over 80% of small business saying that they feel it is important to focus on hiring veterans.

However, only 56% of small business participate in some activity related to Veterans and that same report stated one in 10 small businesses have intentionally recruited veterans in the past year.

Veterans have always been taught that the mission comes first and that they need to be able to adapt to different situations but have one goal in mind, and that is to complete the mission no matter what. Additionally, this type of mentality is easily carried over when Veterans transition to the civilian workforce.

During their time in the military, service members are asked to reflect on projects or missions using an After-Action Review (AAR).  This is often sometimes called “postmortems”. These critical reflections are used to help reflect on their experience and what is needed to be improved and what worked well. Which this type of skill is great to help develop professional development and really be able to be an expert on skills and continue to learn and grow.

Additionally, Military members are cross trained in multiple skills, for example, they get trained on computer programming and problem solving which helps them be able to achieve greater success on assignments.

Therefore, hiring a veteran is simple. They are dedicated employees that have developed valuable skills that are very desirable to many companies. Hiring employees can be a difficult task as you are not only trying to find the right talent for the job but also the right fit. The good news is that Veterans could be your solution. They have various skills and can fit into any type of culture. They love being a part of team and stay loyal to their team members and employers.

If you are thinking about hiring Veterans, contact Amerit today to learn about our veteran hiring program and how we can help you find the right talent in Veterans.